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Indonesian Essential Oils

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The Essence of Nature - The Oil for All Seasons

Situated between two large continents and two vast oceans, blessed with fertile soil and gracious climate, and populated by one of the most astounding biodiversity in the planet, Indonesia is the best source of one of the most important natural product the world can offer: essential oil.

As a country rich in plant species, Indonesia is a natural place for essential oil industry to develop. There are around 40 kinds of oil produced by Indonesia, among them are commercially developed at an industrial scale. They are: patchouli, citronella, vetiver, jasmine, kaffir lime, cananga, cajuput, lemongrass, clove, sandalwood, nutmeg, cinnamon, and pepper. Please see our product lines here

Essential oil has silently touched our lives in many ways. And touched us in a much cherished ways too. There is no doubt that essential oil will contribute much more to our lives in the future.

State-of-The-Art Steam Distillation Process

Distillation process of essential oil is a combination of art, science and experience. As a direct distiller of essential pils, we extract essential oil from plant parts by using steam distillation method with high quality state-of-the-art stainless steel equipment and efficient processes.

Steam Generator
A boiler is a closed vessel in which water is heated to generate steam. The steam is generated at a pressure between 80 bar to 300 bar and temperature of 450 C to 585 C with two super heaters in series. The use of such stream is very suitable for extraction of essential oil in the next cooker

The Cooker
High pressure hot steam from generator will flow to cooking chamber and "cook" biomass to extract essential oil. The steam carries essential oil will be flowing to condensation unit.

Low temperature in condensation unit will rapidly change the steam back into liquid phase. The condensed vapour consists of both water and essential oil and ready to be separated.

Oil Separation
The condensed vapour will consist of both water and essential oil. Since water has different specific gravity than essential oil, naturally, in a few hours, they would form two layers which could be separated using a separating funnel.

Environmentally Friendly

Eco-friendly Essential Oil

As a direct distiller of essential oils, we highly respect the mother nature for giving us the precious essential oils. Therefore, we don't use fossil fuel such as coal and petrol to generate heat for steam generator. Instead, we use carbon neutral energy from waste biomass such as palm kernel shell, coconut shell, sawdust, etc. All spent leaves will be dried up and also would be fed into steam generator as additional fuel.
The ash residue from burning biomass is rich in calcium and natrium. Thus, it would be used in plantation to improve soil nutrients.